a gonzo trip to wonderland

104 cities in 32 countries. 2 friends lost, 7 added. a new house. 4 computers bought then broken. 1 boyfriend, 5 kilos added, 2 lost. 1 new camera. 1 pair of braces. but just 1 fucking freaky family. only 16 years of life behind me, welcome to my gonzo diary.

Director Nicholas Ray and James Dean on the set of ‘Rebel Without A Cause’, 1955.
Stockings.  NY Times 2009.
A street scene in Montmartre, Paris, 1950s. Photo by Robert Capa.

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Yale Joel Couple embracing late at night on the Schoffelgasse, one of the city’s oldest streets where nightclubs, dancehalls and tea rooms are located Zurich, Switzerland, 1948.jpg